"Interesting to view French events from an American point of view"

I finished your book and I'm sincerely enthusiastic about it! I loved reading it so much that the other morning I was almost late for work. I was devouring it and forgot the clock! I was with My Hanh and Robbie on the bench after the Métro incident! It’s really the kind of book I enjoy. I like the style, the use of the 1st person singular. The"I" makes it very personal and alive! Of course, it’s fiction but with a true background made up of the politics, the events of May 1968 and the war in Vietnam. Robbie is a kind of uncommon American and hero (an exception as My Hanh says). He has an original point of view. The book is entertaining but you learn things at the same time which makes it even more interesting. I also like the fact that the Robbie meets people from different countries and cultures. It’s very interesting to view French events from an American point of view, especially 1968 which was a turning point in the French "way of life". I'm sure French readers will love it! Congratulations on this book. I really enjoyed it!

 -Cyril Dagouret, Montluçon, Auvergne, France


Jennifer Pearl