FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Artist Andre Dahan illustrates the cover of Pearl's novel



Celebrated French artist, André Dahan, has created the cover for Bill Pearl's new novel, Hearts on Fire, Paris 1968, which will be released in May 2018 from the Harmattan Group.

"We are honored to have an artist of the caliber of André participating in this project," said Xavier Pryen, General Director of  Harmattan.

Dahan graduated from the Ecole des Métiers d'Art in Paris. He is a painter, illustrator and author of 49 children's books. As an  illustrator, he has collaborated with the most prestigious French and foreign magazines and newspapers (Le Point, L'Express, Le   Figaro, Le Monde, Elle, Libération, Fortune, La Stampa and Reader's Digest. André Dahan lives in Paris and Corsica with his wife, Elisabeth. 

Pictured above - from left to right - artist Andre Dahan, author Bill Pearl

Jennifer Pearl